Design Services
Airflair Machine Shop uses SolidWorks Professional 2014 one of the best Computer Aided Design software on the market. With it we can design, render, and analysis your part for correct fit, motion, interference. Limited structural analysis can also be done on part being designed. The software coupled with our built-in Computer Aided Machining software can produce the tool paths needed to produce your part on our CNC machines
CNC machining, 4 axis milling
Our Haas VF3 Vertical Machining Center can cut your parts from materials ranging from hardened steel to plastic and anything in between. We can build billet one-off parts for the individual or production runs for retail. With the 4 axis table installed we can machine up to 5 sides of your part in one time saving set-up while holding tighter part tolerances.
Welding and Fabricating
We have both TIG and MIG welders to handle any fabricating that needs done. Plus sheet metal break, 3 band saws, 1 cut off saw and hydraulic press to shape your parts.
Component Assembly
We can finish, assembly and ship your parts as needed.